WHO: Dot Dot Dot property. Your life-changing home.

WHAT: Brand strategy, brand re-fresh, copy, website re-frame and re-design, advertising campaign (video and photo), PR campaign (corporate and consumer).  

HOW LONG: Weekly meet ups over 3 months

HOW MUCH: Dot Dot Dot was about to hire a marketing manager. The cost of the hire was redirected to our consultancy.  

PROBLEM SOLVED: Property guardians are the best ‘product’ Dot Dot Dot creates, and while they were not lacking marketing leads the brand needed repositioning and refresh to attract quality guardians.

USP: Dot Dot Dot offer a straightforward solution to a complex set of problems: Empty properties need to be looked after; the private rental sector is increasingly inflexible or unaffordable and the charity sector is continuously evolving and in need of great volunteers.

Dot Dot Dot needed sit into a well-defined brand purpose space but simultaneously be able to communicate effectively to different audiences: the property owners, the guardians and the charity sector.

The guardians personas needed to be defined in order to create an advertising campaign that would attract like-minded people without discouraging guardians who were not into the volunteering world  already. 


The best way to attract good guardians was to dive into the personal stories of existing guardians, exposing their experiences and celebrating the diversity of their backgrounds. In short we wanted to celebrate these unsung heroes and the amazing ways they contribute to society. 

We spent a few days with the guardians to identify three customer personas: the life-stylers are people who can afford to rent privately but prefer guardianship, life-changers are guardians who have recently gone through a life-changing event, divorce, redundancy and look for a secure but flexible living arrangement. Finally FOMOers, this group consist of people wanting to be 'closer to the action' be it a job opportunity or an experience in a new country.


The creative output of the campaign was an infographic, to quickly and visually show how much guardians contribute to the community so that the brand could attract new business ventures with property owners and a photo and video shoot where the guardians told us about their story while beautiful images from their volunteering experiences were shown in double-exposure.