INDUSTRY: Event Management

WHO: Equals, Architect of Dreams.

WHAT: Brand strategy, brand identity, website design. 

HOW LONG: 3 weeks

HOW MUCH: Low budget

PROBLEM SOLVED: Clients knew Equals as a production agency, we needed to make sure their creative and strategic expertise would be immediately expressed through their brand identity

USP: Decades of expertise in managing and delivering events, paired with a refreshed creative team.  

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Equals needed support

condensing and distilling all the specifications, describers, statements and strategic thoughts that they had formulated since the team came together.

It also appeared that there was a discrepancy between the work that maintained the business existing & surviving (small-scale bar experiences)

and the restructured team's expertise: delivering authentic, problem solving, real life inspired brand experiences).

Equals is essentially a B2B business interfacing mostly with marketing and brand managers at  international companies.

We wanted to tap into emotions but also kept in mind that our 'customers 'have  well defined objectives, tasks and expected returns.

It was essential to define in a dry, hard fact-based manner why Equals was different. Echoing what competitors use as their own USP would have not be enough to attract a new kind of work for the company.

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