INDUSTRY: Business Consultancy

WHO: KBR & Associates

WHAT: Brand strategy, brand identity, website design and b2b pack

HOW LONG: 2 weeks

HOW MUCH: Low budget.  

PROBLEM SOLVED: KBR wanted to increase their pricing and reduce the number of clients while focussing in highly successful Start Ups and SMEs

USP: The accountancy expertise paired with an innovative, start up like mentality.  

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KBR is a medium sized Accountancy Firm specialising in tax advice and business consultancy and have experience working with large consultancy firms.

The business had grown spontaneously in the past few years and it was at a stage in which being able to communicate their purpose and refine their image was pivotal in order to increase revenue and downsize risk while supporting organic agile growth. KBR has chosen to focus on premium, high spend accounts steering away small and overly-laboured accounts.
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KBR was within reach of a very strong brand proposition: sophisticated clientele, fewer accounts, highly specialised expertise.

However, the brand image and the consumer facing materials, as they were, struggled to follow in line.

The old visual identity could have been easily mistaken for a non-specialised Firm with limited outreach and experience.

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