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the A and the Z is an independent & nomadic branding consultancy based in London for info please email:

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Anna the founder with an angry puffer fish. She brings 10 years of strategic, iconic brands, big agency experience to your company all delivered within budget and a nice timeline. She speaks fluent Design and is able to translate your business strategy into brand success.


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Andrea has a background in mathematics, analytics and general crunching of numbers to give you amazing applied strategies and data analysis. Now a student of Economics and Politics, she works for the A and the Z as a social media analyst and as a partnership manager to seed collaborations and hack growth.


Steph joined the team to bring  muchissimo marketing 

strategy & execution wisdom  to our family of brand fanatics. She's the one who knows the inside-out, statistical, target-based, super-duper precise info about your market and how to act on it. 

Rishi is our innovation pusher (all completely legal). 

He specialises in change management & has managed multi-million strategic initiatives in the healthcare sector. 

From resource planning & innovation to performance measurement, he’s done it all. 

Plus he’s an amazing hiker!

Asa is passionate about creating authentic and intelligent brand experiences.

A dedicated minimalist, who appreciates that function and beauty form the basis of strategic design. 

Martin might have the body of a 15 year old athlete but his mind belongs to a wise 99 year old crafty typographer who spent his life working with shapes and colours to make everything so so beautiful.