INDUSTRY: Hospitality

WHO: room2 the first hometel

WHAT: Brand strategy, brand identity

& brand guidelines

HOW LONG: 8 weeks

HOW MUCH: Medium sized budget.

PROBLEM SOLVED: room2 borrowed a bunch of interesting propositions from its competitors but in doing so the positioning and the identity was not able to communicate their unique selling points.

USP: A home away from home, a place filled with love and care for details, a format able to provide the security of a good hotel but the feel of an Airbnb.


Part of Lamington Group, ROOM2 is a hospitality brand based in the UK. room2 is a sub-brand sitting in a specific business space, placed strategically in between a hotel and a traditional long-stay let. room2 caters for guests who need more than a bedroom and those who prefer a personalised smaller space to a big impersonal apartment. From a brand perspective, for its guests room2 represented a home away from home, an inspiring working space and a bridge between the nomadic culture and the local community. It is a bold and alternative take on sojourning away. 

Room2 Hammersmith

room2 had a very well-defined business strategy. 

This strategy formed the basis that shape their brand driving force and platform the A & the Z developed. 

We looked at best practices from out-of-category businesses so that the freshness of the brand and their business proposition stays unchallenged. 

The most original brand stories needed to be rationalised: the passion for beauty, the decades of experience in the hospitality industry, the strong take on brand generosity and guest centred experiences.

The brand needed to wander the seven continents and still be a recognisable character everywhere.