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INDUSTRY: Healthcare

WHO: Level Health: “The broadest approach to healthcare with a focus on you.”

WHAT: Level Health needed to communicate to its stakeholders why a re-branding had been necessary. The company, was going from being a small local team of physiotherapist to an ambitious healthcare brand, keen to shake the industry and blaze the trail for a new conception of well-being. 

HOW LONG: 2 weeks prep / one event

HOW MUCH: Part of retainer - 3rd party budget £7k.  The idea was to keep thinking like an iconic brand and then scale production down to fit our investment.


A few rules were established: we were going to put our guests at the centre of our planning. At the end of the day, the event was for them: knowledge, training, networking is what they were asking for. 

The focus shifted very quickly from "launching" to provide a safe, nurturing space for our partners to meet and exchange ideas.

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 20.34.03.png

Second, we were going to use inspiration led design to plan and minimum brand affirmation to produce. This is really just a lot of fancy words for think big, produce small, keep the brand purpose alive in all elements. 

The TED talk format kept being mentioned in our brainstormings...Wouldn't it be great to have some inspirational speakers instead of the usual dry medical training? Would they not love to have nice food and drinks while learning? Shouldn't we lose the desks and have chairs, in a cosy warm space?  


And then, how do we scale this down to fit our size and resources. Be ambitious but realistic. Define the elements the brand cant live without and think think think, how do we use this design asset in six months, how is this direct mail making our brand stronger? 


The real outcome is the seeding, the synergies, we have an excel file someplace listing ROIs and impressions but the value creation lies in the collaborationsfor us, for the clientfor the clients stakeholders.

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