INDUSTRY: Healthcare

WHO: Level Health: “The broadest approach to healthcare with a focus on you.”

WHAT: Brand strategy, brand identity, brand guidelines, naming, tone of voice, launch event, website copy, b2b campaigns, b2c seeding.

HOW LONG: 8 weeks

HOW MUCH: Medium sized budget + monthly retainer.

PROBLEM SOLVED: Level Health needed to be able to speak to its b2b customers (NHS) and still be patient centred, all while not losing its amazing take on holistic care, happiness and innovation.

USP: Level Health strives to bring agility, innovation and human centred healthcare to the NHS.

The most interesting challenge from a branding perspective was that Level Health’s direct clients are the NHS and the GPs. However, the end ‘consumer’ of the services were those in need of primary care. In the short term, Level Health’s strategy was to “look the part” - the knowledge and expertise had to be communicated very decisively at brand level.

In the medium term we needed to grow geographically beyond Kent. This required the brand to be able to walk and talk independently of the business owner in order to gain scalability.

In the long term, the business was set to grow horizontally in two ways: first in terms of service provision (i.e expanding to other primary care services such as dermatology &

ophthalmology); second by being able to bid within the corporate sector (for instance with corporations such as GSK).

Throughout the project the main objective was to benchmark Level Health against the biggest competitors (Virgin Medical, BMI, Bupa) and make sure the brand had a competitive advantage against the greatest.

We needed to sit into a well-defined brand purpose space but simultaneously be able to communicate effectively to very different audiences.

The brand needed to host sub-brands related to differentiated primary care services while remaining very recognisable as a whole.

The industry is by no means as overcrowded as the fast-moving products world, yet it is important for the brand to be able to elevate itself above the very orthodox score-based bidding process.

Level Health as a brand incorporated many brand stories – the holistic take on care, the passion for innovation the ability to provide integrated services.

Most interesting, is their ability and strength to fully understand the correlation between pain and lack of happiness...to be able to restore that happiness.

The brand strategy helped articulate these stories in order to create emotional value attached to services Level Health provide.

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