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Part of Lamington Group, ROOM2 is a hospitality brand based in the UK. ROOM2 is a sub-brand sitting in a specific business space, placed strategically in between a hotel and a traditional long-stay

let. ROOM2 caters for customers who need more than a bedroom and those who prefer a personalised smaller space to a big impersonal apartment. From a brand perspective, for its customers ROOM2 represents a home away from home, an inspiring working space and a bridge between the nomadic culture and the local community. It is a bold and alternative take on sojourning away.

Cleverly, the business seems to borrow interesting propositions from its competitors: the customer personas from CitizenM, the love for beautiful design from Hoxton Hotel, the quirky

identity from Ace Hotel, the take on localised identities from Hotel Indigo, the sense of communities from Airbnb.


ROOM2 has a very well-defined business strategy. It is not a confused brand in terms of what they want to provide the market with. This confidence will serve as a basis to shape their brand driving force and platform. The challenge with ROOM2 is that while borrowing from competitors is not wrong, it won’t necessarily set them apart and constitute the basis for speedy and agile growth.

In our opinion, ROOM2 needs borrow best practices from out-of-category businesses so that the freshness of the brand and their business proposition stay unchallenged. Moreover, the most original brand stories still have space for rationalisation: for instance, the brand is faithful to its generosity with beauty and they are not afraid to invest to let guests enjoy that proposition. However, this strong value – amongst others - is not immediately sensed through their identity and messaging.


The brand seems to incorporate a thousand amazing stories (the family business, the love for beauty, the entrepreneurship) but has yet to find a consistent voice to tell them all. ROOM2 needs

a well-defined personality and driving force to be able to articulate their brand stories. The personality has to be able to speak to and entice different customer personas. The brand needs

to wander the seven continents and still be a recognisable character everywhere. Find out more here