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Vanna is a .com company based in Hong Kong. They run an online platform to help companies attract the best candidates. They do so through visual engagement and brand enhancement on one side (business clients) and by running a jobs section & sharing industry knowledge on the other side (customers).

From a brand perspective, for its customers Vanna represents deep understanding of how it would feel to work for a specific company, a bridge between a simple job post and a having a peek at their next career adventure.

For their business clients Vanna is an unorthodox yet safe way to step away from the usual recruitment channels and set the company away from its competitors by promoting the internal culture and capturing the best resources.




Vanna has a very well-defined business strategy. It is not a confused brand in terms of what they want to sell or provide the market with. This confidence will serve as a basis to shape their brand driving force and platform. The challenge with Vanna is that their audience is in a way split in two big clusters. On one side, we have customers who are looking for their next job and need to be excited about their next career move. These customers need to be informed and reassured and appealed to in a friendly and inspiring manner. On the other side, we have the business clients. These are established business, at times trading in quite traditional industries, they want to appeal to a younger and less orthodox audience but they don’t want to lose their traditional and trustworthy look in the process




Even though the brand (Vanna) has to have and well-defined personality and driving force it needs to be flexible enough to speak to (at least) two different personas.

While the brand archetype should be singular the customer personas and their driving forces can give us the flexibility we need in terms of adapting our messaging. It is of vital importance for Vanna to define their brand in a very rational way so that that the morphing messaging is not perceived as a confused voice but as a defined story within a strong and inclusive personality. 

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